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Hip # 8

Horse Name: Massey – Consigned by: Kyle Stapleman – Paul, ID – 2005 Mare – Registration: Grade– 13'1 Hand – Disposition: 3 (Average Rider) – Temperament: 3 (Average Temperament)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / 4H/Club Shows/Play Days 

Massey is a super fun pony big enough for the whole family to appreciate and enjoy. She got her name because she is built tough, just like a tractor. Massey has a great, ground-covering walk and can keep up with the big horses anywhere. Massey would make a great ranch or trail pony. She is tough enough to cover some country and kind enough to take care of ambitious cowboys. She is not a plod-along rock pounder. She has plenty of zip for the little cowboys and cowgirls that like to go everywhere quickly and is best suited for a confident youngster. That being said, she has not been a rodeo pony, but she has followed the roping sled for a million loops and is content letting anybody rebuild loops and throw a million times at the roping dummy. She trots a nice set of barrels and poles, but isn't a push-button speed event horse, either. She is dependable and has no mean bone in her body. She can be ridden out alone or in a pack. She is kept in the big pasture with the other horses and holds her own but is not mean to any. Massey has good hard feet and could go barefoot anywhere except for the tough country. She needs no maintenance. She is an easy keeper, but isn't prone to founder. The best part about this little lady is that she is willing to try anything. Jumping small jumps, crossing water, pulling logs, packing flags - you name it. She is willing to give it her best if she is asked to. FMI Call 208-312-8220.

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