Upcoming Sales for 2021

Procedures for establishing sale order / Deadlines / Catalog Entries

The order of horses in a sale will be determined by sale management.  Considerations will be made for anyone consigning more than 1 animal so they have time to prepare accordingly between horses.  Catalog deadline is at minimum 45 days prior to sale date, however all sales will be capped at a particular number of horses and consignments will close if the cap limit is reached with approved horses prior to the catalog deadline.  Catalog entries will include 1 picture, pedigree, and notes presented on the consignment contract.  Sale management reserves the right to refuse any horse for any reason.  All horses will be checked by a veterinarian on site for live sales during the check in process to verify age by teeth on all grade horses / noticeable scars and blemishes / signs of lameness / and indication of the horse being drugged.  General Pre-Purchase exams will be required on all horses for Online Only sales.  Buyers have the right to arrange pre-purchase exams with the on-site vet and consignors are required to make the horse available to the vet if a buyer arranges a pre-purchase exam on any horse.  We will only accept sound animals in good health in our sales.  Reserves must be presented when the horse is consigned.  Consignors must back the horse to be what they advertise in the catalog.

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