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Upcoming Sales for 2023

Procedures for establishing selecting horses

SMB will accept consignments for consideration through the consignment deadline, then select from those consignments the number of horses determined for that sale.  Consignment deadline typically 60 days prior to sale date.  SMB’s selection process focusses on the following base criteria 1- Horse submitted & info provided 2- reserve amount and likelihood the reserve would be met.  We also consider 1 – previous history with a consignor 2 - how the pictures present the horse 3 - if videos are included and how the videos present the horse.  Sale management reserves the right to refuse any horse for any reason.   General Pre-Purchase exams will be required on all horses for all sales.  Buyers have the right to arrange additional pre-purchase exams and consignors are required to make the horse available to the vet if a buyer arranges a pre-purchase exam on any horse.  We will only accept sound animals in good health in our sales.  Reserves must be presented when the horse is consigned - if a horse is accepted the reserve entered on the consignment form will determine if commission or a no sale fee is applied in the case a horse does not sell.  Consignors must back the horse to be what they advertise in the catalog.

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