Hip # 2

Consigned by Cobb Family Horses & Mules: Cisco: 15 Hand 2009 Grade Gelding: Who Doesn’t Want A BUCKSKIN!!!! Cisco is that unique horse that you could drive the wheels off a truck looking for!  He is gentle, kind, easy to ride and handle in every way, with a beautiful buckskin color and great conformation to match.  Cisco has spent years and miles on the ranch, rides off the same quiet horse every time you saddle him up. He goes where you point him, crosses water, rides alone or anywhere in a group. He works cattle, you can rope on him in the branding pen, outside, or in the arena. Cisco isn't spooky, has a kind eye and a great personality. He rides right up in the bridle soft and light, with a great stop, and turnaround. Cisco side passes to open and close gates, has a one handed neck rein, and is a willing partner to anything you ask of him. You can enjoy Cisco in any discipline you choose and he would fit a wide variety of riders. We have enjoyed every day on him. Cisco is easy to get most any job done on, or just saddle him up and take a nice relaxing ride down the trail. Please call 208-550-1571 for more info.

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