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Hip # 20

Horse Name: Fig – Consigned by: SMB Horse Sales – Richfield, Ut – 2008 Pony Gelding – Registration: Grade – 12 Hand  – Disposition: 3 (Average Rider) – Temperament: 7 (Other - Contact Consigner)

Experience in: Trail Riding / 4H/Club Shows/Play Days

Fig is a pony that defines pony stereotypes. He is put together well and has a pretty head, but can be a pill at times. He is easy to catch, but at times can be a bit pushy on the ground. He needs a youth that will make him go, our 10 year old daughter has been riding him all spring and when ridden consistently she does well loping circles and has started him on all the arena events. When he has sat for a few days he needs a little tune up and can be a pill. He gets along well with the bigger horses in the pasture, but if you put him in with other ponies he will be the dominant pony in the pen. If a youth has some experience and confidence, they will get along fine and he has some speed and ability to go do jobs. He would be a great little ranch pony, fit for a confident youth in the arena, but is NOT a fit for a timid or inexperienced rider. The prior owner did pull a cart with him, but we have not tried since we got him (but we may before sale day) - he is supposed to pull pretty good and that was what he was most used for before we got him. FMI call 801-520-6847 or 435-720-7107.

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