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Hip #13

Horse Name: Estella – Consigned by: Cobb Family Horses & Mules – Weiser, Id – 2017 Gypsy Mare– Registration: Grade – 14 Hand  – Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 2 (Mellow Temperament)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping / Cutting / Sorting/Team Penning


Estella is a 6 year old Gypsy Vanner Mare. We purchased her a year ago from a neighbor that raised her and used her on his ranch and in the feedlot. She has been my wife’s main mount for the last year. She stands right at 14 hands and she is stout!  She is super loving and has a fun, playful personality that you would expect from this breed.  My wife has mostly used her for trail ring and ranch work. She is great to work cattle on and is good to rope off of. She is awesome in the steep rocky country that we ride in. She is extremely sure footed and knows how to go up and down steep mountains. I steal her from my wife now and then to pack salt into some of the nastiest country out there. I weigh over 230 pounds and she will pack me all day. She does a great job leading the pack string she has a fast smooth walk and will go all day. She shoes easily and loves to be bathed and pampered. At only 6 years old Estella has been exposed to more than most gypsies get to see their whole lives. We really love Estella and we know you will fall in love with her too.  Whether you are looking for a mountain, trail riding or ranch horse Estella would be a good fit for you.  For more info call Kelly at 208-550-7162.

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