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Hip #11 

Horse Name: Paint – Consigned by: Thatcher Ballard – Laverkin, Ut – 2007 Gelding – Registration: Grade –  Hand 15 – Disposition: 3 (Average Rider) – Temperament: 4 (Has a Motor)

Experience in: Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping 

Paint is a great Ranch horse, he has a motor and will travel out nicely, if you like riding alone he’s the one to ride he’s always in the front. I’ve had this horse out gathering wild cows for two week in a row and he did amazing he gives it all he’s got. He is good to bridle and saddle. He does great with ropes he doesn’t mind if it’s around his legs. He is good to trim and shoe. He has odd shaped back feet but it hasn’t seemed to bother him. I had the vet float his teeth and he’s saying that paint is around 16 years old. I’ve packed him a time or two and he did amazing. Paint is a horse you could go trail ride on and the next day go cowboy on he’s not a beginners horse but if you know what you’re doing you can ride him. He also does great around loud noises. FMI Call 435-359-3984.


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