Consignment Contract

NOTE: Submitting the information form and paying the consignment fees are SEPERATE FUNCTIONS.  A separate Form must be submitted for each horse if consigning more than 1 horse in a single sale (after submitting the first horse you will need to refresh the page to submit the next horse).  Multiple consignment fees can be paid at the same time in the Payment function.  We suggest you Submit the form for each horse FIRST then process the payment for all horses consigned.


Please provide the information in the contract form  below.  Final approval of horses consigned is at the discretion of sale management.  Consignors are required to back the soundness and what they advertise on all horses consigned.


By submitting the below form digitally you are accepting and agreeing to all terms in the file Below.


CONSIGNMENT FEES can be paid through PayPal or Stripe (credit card) by using the button below or via Venmo to @Marcus-Blood.  Remember to adjust the quantity if consigning more than 1 horse - if consigning in an Online Only sale - enter "OnlineOnly" in the discount code.  2022 Consignment Fees are $200 per horse for Live Sales / $150 per horse for Online Only Sales.


Consignment Form