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Hip # 9

Horse Name: Bonus – Consigned by: Ken Eva – Chester, Id – 2014 Gelding – Registration: Grade – 16'1 Hand – Disposition: 4 (Confident Rider) – Temperament: 3 (Average Rider)

Experience in: Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping 

Tall, Dark, and Handsome. No really, he is!! Big strong gelding. True black that doesn't fade while living outside all summer. A friendly horse who likes people. He has been used a lot on a ranch to rope and doctor cattle on pasture. Strong enough to hold down cows and end-of-season steers. Doesn't get buzzed gathering horses, or with a lot of activity going on around him, cattle and horses running by. Good pasture manners, excellent at opening gates, clips, shoes, bathes, and loads in a trailer on verbal commands. Bonus is very smart and will move heaven and earth to "come-get-you "wherever you might be when you ask him.  A mounting block of course, but a picnic table, fence, rock, bale of hay, he will walk down into a ditch to get you off the ditch bank.  It's become kind of a game for us to watch him move his body around to get into difficult places to allow us access to get on. We are a little older so we ask him "come and get me Bonus" and he comes to stand at the end of the horse trailer so we can saddle him from inside where it is about a foot higher. Every little bit helps :)
He's been used to work young horses quite a bit and he knows when to instill confidence ,and if they need a little bullying. He's the "teacher's horse" when Ken is giving lessons. We've never shown him or roped on him competitively, but he has come out of both boxes and been roped off of in the arena. He is nice and calm in the box and out ,but can run to cattle quickly and well. FMI Call 307-690-4576.

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