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Hip # 46

Horse Name: Shooter – Consigned by: Deb Johnson – Chinle, AZ – 2004 Gelding – Registration: Grade – 16'1 Hand – Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 3 (Average)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping / Arena Roping 

Shooter is a foal of 2004. He is 16.1 hands, tall, weights 1300 Ibs. We have owned since he was foaled. We used him on ranch, as well as a head and heel horse in the arena. We have hauled all over the country a roping horse. He is gentle, easy to be around, does great with other horses. He's never offered to buck, even when we first started on him. He travels well on the ground and well ground Rough terrain easily. Shooter has no problem leaving this barn or being alone gathering cattle. He will make an excellent trail horse or something similar. As a rope horse, he's good in the box. He has plenty of experience with rope barriers. He will pull strong and face quick. He's nice, honest head horse. We have heeled on him as well. He get a good step for a big horse. Shooter is an older, honest horse with no bad habits. He's good with farriers and has no issues with his legs. No maintenance is required. FMI Call 928-551-7009.

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