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Hip # 35

Horse Name: TF SEEIN RED (aka Mac) – Consigned by: Bethany Tracy – Eagle Mountain, UT – 2019 Stallion – Registration: ABA – 16'1 Hand – Disposition: 6 (Requires Experienced Rider) – Temperament: 3 (Average)

Experience in:  Trail Riding

Mac is a 2019 Brabant Stallion. Mac is a gentle and kind soul. He has a temperament that any stallion owner would be envious of. He is easy to handle and get along with. He lives in a group with geldings and alone and is never mean or aggressive. He keeps a level head around mares and can work in their company with little distraction. He is always calm and responsive even around the ladies. Mac has excellent ground manners and can be handled by adults and kids. He ties happily, baths, loads, and trailers like a gentleman. He has been hand bred, in just a halter and lead, no chain necessary, and has a 2024 foal on the way. Mac would make an impressive addition to any breeding program looking to create sound-minded lovely half-drafts. Mac is still a little green and would do best with a competent rider. While he is easy going and sweet he is also sensitive and thrives under a calm hand. He is always willing to try new things and we feel his self-confidence will blossom with time and maturity. Mac has experience in the arena as well as on the mountain in all types of terrain. He easily crosses deadfall and water and will lead or follow. He is soft in the mouth and responds to leg pressure. He has been around cows and does well in high stimuli environments. Mac is a thick guy who is about as wide as he is tall. He is the old school type Brabant with bone for days and is the perfect height at 16.1hh. He is beauty, brains, and brawn all in one cool dude. For more information call or text Cassidey 801-234-9950

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