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Hip # 20

Horse Name: Chic Magnet – Consigned by: Cobb Family Horses & Mules – Weiser, ID – 2014 Gelding – Registration: Grade – 15 Hand – Disposition: 3 (Average Rider) – Temperament: 2 (Mellow)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping / Reined Cow Horse / Sorting/Team Penning / Western Pleasure

Classy Palomino gelding! Who doesn’t love a fancy Palomino with socks, they don’t come much prettier than Chic Magnet in my opinion! Good sized, 15 hands and will weigh 1200# or better.  Substantial bone and foot with lots of chrome. Chic Magnet has been used on the ranch for all the basic chores. Branded some calves, doctored, checked lots of fence, gathered, sorted bulls out in the fall, etc.  He is a confident horse that will take the lead on a trail ride or is content to be in the back either one. Solid one handed neck rein, soft in the face and simple to operate. He prefers to travel out and cover the country which makes him one I enjoy riding on the trail. I don’t feel like I have done all the work at the end of the day. Will cross the tarps, bog bridges, creeks, etc and dang sure knows how to use himself in rocky steep country. He has been lots and lots of outside miles in the high country of Idaho and Oregon. Level headed gelding in the prime of his life that is safe for most any level of rider. Polite to bath, shoe, clip, hobbles, stand tied quiet, loads in any type of trailer, and easy to catch. FMI call Matt 208-550-1571.

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