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Hip # 63

Consigned by Maclayne Chlarson: Big Bonnie: 16 Hand 2006 Draft Cross Mare: Perfect! Here is a Valentine\'s day gift for your love that is guaranteed to please both of you. This is a gift that will make your lover love you more and excite the rest of the family as well. Big Bonnie is a great family horse.
A real all-around horse should do three things well; ride under saddle, pack like a champ with loaded panniers, and pull a wagon. Big Bonnie is a a real all-around horse.
Bonnie rides around soft. She has a pretty slide stop and some nice reining maneuvers. Not only that, but she ranch ropes very well.
Big Bonnie is gentle enough to accept anything that goes, but she has enough "go" to head wherever you point her. She will take care of any passenger for work or for pleasure.
This gem of a horse will pull single or in a team. She is what you need in your life. You will enjoy her.  For any questions about this mare and how she does in harness, under packs, or with a rider. Call (928)551-5143

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