Hip # 31

Consigned by Kevin Wright: Stormy:  15'2 Hand 2009 Grade Gelding:  Stormy is a been there done that ranch horse deluxe. Born and raised on a ranch in Montana and performed every aspect of ranch work. There is not any country this boy has not been exposed to.  His is big boned, confident and VERY sure footed.  There isn’t any terrain he won’t handle and be safe with his rider.  He is safe for kids to be around and handle but not a beginner horse, but he is kind and ready for whatever you point him at. He is traffic, dog, motorcycle, bridge, tunnel, water, rocks, rope, cows, guns, flag and tarp safe.  This boy has no spook and excellent with the young horses.  In fact, this last year we sold a weanling 16 hours away.  We sent Stormy with the baby as his stall companion and he did a great job with the baby.  He also tends to hang with the yearlings in pasture like a big brother.  No drama in this guy and just wants to be loved and have a job.  Will go out alone with no issue or in a group. He stands to be saddled and mounted. He does not move until he is told.  Stormy would be a great addition to anyone’s herd.  Big and pretty. Call Kevin with any questions 480-695-4991

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