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Hip # 47

Consigned by Sixshooter Livestock: Country Boy: 14 Hand 2009 Grade Gelding: Short , fat, bundle of joy is what County boy is. he is 14 hands tall and will fit anything from small kids to a grown adult looking for a smaller horse (smaller horse means easier to get on and off).Country Boy ha a nice handle to him, stands tied without pawing, he is good with time off and is a pull the cinch and go no nonsense type that will bridal with ease. bareback, saddled even in a halter, he is good. Gather the mail, bring the garbage can back up and hit the trails all while on his back. He is just a real nice horse. In a group or out by himself. watch his video to see how he is. don't forget to like and subscribe to our you tube channel. for more info text or call Larry at 801-386-1404

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