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Hip # 16X

Horse Name: Lefty – Consigned by: Bill Boswell – Goshen, UT – 2018 Gelding – Registration: Grade – 16 Hand – Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 2 (Mellow Temperament)


Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping / Sorting/Team Penning 

Unfortunately because of Viv we had to replace her in the sale with Lefty. Lefty is a phenomenal horse that most everybody can ride. He is my wife’s horse and she has been riding him for thee years. We have used him regularly, starting colts because he is so strong and calm, we rope all our colts and teach them to lead and get used to someone above them. He has been rode in the mountains a lot and handles rough steep county well . He has been in parades and handles it well, plus we've hauled him to California to aid in horsemanship clinics. My wife has rode him everywhere. You can load him in anything or on anything, you can shoe him and loves to be loved love on. He is great! We have roped and drug calves to the fire and just has no problem with anything. He was started on a big ranch in Nevada and traveled the country with ease, travels well with a great walk and trot for miles. He’s a great horse. Gentle! He’s 5 yrs old. Seller has all applicable paperwork to submit registration with APHA and is willing to assist buyer in the process. FMI Call 775-385-1328.

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