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Hip # 55

Consigned by Coy Ross: Juice: 15 Hand 2009 Grade Gelding: Juice is a jam up ranch horse. Same horse every time you catch him. He can be rode by most everyone. From trails to chasing cattle on the mountain he is what I go to. I have doctored baby calves to bulls on the range with this horse. All by myself. No help needed he knows how to work the rope. When he sets he is staying there. He has really good feet. I have not put shoes on him much. He does have a motor (especially around cattle) but is pretty easy to control. You can open and close any gate on his back. He is truly an exceptional horse. If you have cows or just like to trail ride he is the horse for you. You wont be able to wear him out. He is ready to go no matter how long the day is. Loads and backs out of a trailer. You can catch him anywhere. Loves attention. You wont go wrong with this horse.

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