Hip # 17

Consigned by Bill Boswell: VIVALDI SS: 16 Hand 2002 Registered Lusitano Gelding: Vivaldi is a Lusitano that was born in Portugal and imported into the US as a two year old. He has spent most of his life in a dressage farm in northern California. I have owned him for four years. We love this horse, he is a pleasure to ride and be around- a true companion. I have gathered and roped horses and cows on him, he is a natural cow horse. He is very light, willing and manageable. Rode in rough country and he seems to just glide across the ground. Would be a great horse for a beginner or upper level dressage horse person. A great pleasure horse to ride and cover some country. Easy to get along with, trim, clip, shoes and loads-no problem. He is one awesome horse.  FMI call 775-385-1328

NOTE: This horse is registered through a registry based in Portugal.  Buyer is advised to verify ability transfer registration papers and the process of doing it.  SMB Horse Sales, Inc and the seller are not familiar with the registry requirements for transfer and will not be liable for any issues in transferring the registration to the new owner.

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