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Hip # 13

Horse Name: Ramona – Consigned by: Levi Draper – Fielding, UT – 2017 Mare – Registration: Grade – 15 Hand – Disposition: 2 (Beginner Friendly) – Temperament: 2 (Mellow Temperament)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Ranch Roping 

Ramona is a well mannered, smart, willing, easy horse to get along with. She is very gentle safe horse, she prefers slower speeds but does have speed when asked. She has a lot of experience on the trail, she can perform all general arena maneuvers well, and has some roping and cow work experience. She picks up leads, has a good stop, good turn around. She hasn’t been finished in any specific direction, but is handy enough that it wouldn't take much to finish her any event or discipline. FMI Call 435-610-9082.

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