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Hip # 50

Consigned by 4D Ranches: Feathers: 14'3 Hand 2016 Grade Mare: Feather is a 4 year old filly with a coal black coat and four fancy high white stockings. She has a thick mane and tail.  She is 1/2 QH, 1/4 Paint and 1/4 Shire, which gives her the best of all and athleticism.  Feather is soft and responsive-moving off your legs and really wants to please.  She has a sweet disposition, is free moving, gentle and is developing into a talented young mare.  Feather weighs 1000#, is 14.3 and still growing.  She’s been ridden outside moving cows and is being worked on the trails.  She is responsive enough to spin and stop and she remains quiet. NO BUCK-NO WORRIES... “cute”.  FMI call 208-989-5851

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