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Hip # 43

Horse Name: Chief – Consigned by: Frazier Training and Livestock – Enterprise, UT – 2012 Mini Pony Stallion – Registration: Grade – 10 Hand – Disposition: 3 (Confident Rider) – Temperament: 3 (Average)

Experience in:  Trail Riding / Ranch Work / Barrel Racing

Chief is a10 year old paint mini stud pony! Chief has been there done that type of a pony! Chief has been used for years now doing a little bit of everything! He’s been used for a ranch pony, moved cows, goats, doctored goats, roped dummies, pulled carts, been packed and just a good confidence builder! Chief has had lots of miles under him and been exposed to a little bit of everything! Chief is also a little stud with color so you’ve got the option to stud him out! FMI please fill free to call or text at (435)231-3933.

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