Hip # 14

Consigned by QO Performance Horses: Silver: 15 Hand 2015 Grade Gelding: Silver is a cool looking gelding that was born black, still mostly, but is turning grey. Stands 15 hands now but should mature to 15.3, and weighs 1050. Silver has been a solid using horse. He spent last summer in a feed yard being used by one of the best cutting horse trainers in northern Colorado. I have roped and doctored several cattle on him and he took to it like he was born to it. Silver can be watchy on the ground but has never bucked or offered to. This good young gelding has a fantastic handle on him and only seems to get better the more you ride him. This is a solid gelding with his whole life ahead of him that could go any direction. For more info call Quinton @ 307-761-4620

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