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Phone Bid Registration

Buyer’s signature below constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions as listed in the catalog for this sale / auction. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions and accepts responsibility for any bids made and further agrees to pay all fees associated with any winning bid. Buyer further agrees to pay any attorney or collection fees incurred in default of payment. Buyer agrees to provide credit card information to be kept on file during the sale prior to bidding on any horse. Buyer’s signature below constitutes acknowledgment that all winning phone bids will be processed to the credit card on file immediately (unless other prior arrangements have been made).


Buyer understands that there is a 3% processing fee added on all credit card payments. All credit card information will be destroyed after the sale is complete and charges are processed.

On all winning bids, Buyer accepts responsibility for the horse immediately and is responsible for transportation to have the horse picked up from the sale location. SMB Horse Sales, Inc. can arrange for the horse to be stalled additional days at the sale location for $30.00 per day (to be paid at time of sale). Buyer will be responsible to arrange for the horse to be fed and watered for the time the animal is left at the sale location.


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