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SMB Consignment Services

SMB Horse Sales holds multiple consignment sales each year.  Horse owners   can submit a horse for consideration in a sale by submitting our consignment form online and and paying the consignment fee prior to the deadline for that sale.  Spots in the sale will only be secured once confirmation is received from SMB the horse was selected for the sale.  Consignment fees will be refunded on any horses not selected for the sale.

To be considered in the selection process for a sale there must be at least one QUALITY picture, completed consignment form submitted, consignment fee paid, and registration information provided (for registered horses).  All sales will include previews and live sales may have discipline specific events (ranch rodeo / trail class / roping / team penning / cutting / reining / barrel racing / etc.) based on the focus of the sale.  We also offer production sale services for breeders  and trainers (please contact us for details).   Click the button below to consign a horse online.  

2023 Consignment fees
  • "Live Sale" Consignment Fee - $200.00
  • "Online Only Sale" Consignment Fee - $150.00
    • NOTE - Consignors are required to provide a General Pre-Purchase Exam Report for all horses in all Sales​
  • Commission Fee - 8% of sale price
  • No sale fee - $250.00 if bidding ends below reserve submitted on consignment form / 8% of highest bid if bidding ends at or above the reserve submitted on the consignment form.
  • Never Offered Fee - $500.00
    • NOTE - Never Offered Fee applies to any horse consigned to a sale and not offered in that sale for any reason other than injury or illness verified by a vet​

Optional Fees


  • Pedigree research for Point and Money earning data added to catalog write up $25.00 

  • Video Formatting / Editing $25-50 per video

  • Facebook Boost - 7 days paid marketing of a horse on Facebook - $25.00 per boost

Seller Requirements
  • Proof of ownership (For Utah horses this is a current valid Brand Inspection and starting in 2017 brand inspection must be specific to the sale).
  • Registration paperwork for registered horses with signed transfer
  • Health Certificate
  • Coggins Test - plan ahead Coggins tests typically take several days to get back from your vet
  • General Pre-Purchase Report for Online Only Sales.
Buyer Requirements
  • Buyers bidding in person must register at the sale prior to bidding
  • Online Bidders must register through the online system and register a credit card in order to bid.  Default Payment for winning online bidders is credit card and will have a 3% processing fee added.
  • Live Buyers must have method of payment at the time of bidding - payment methods are cash, check, credit card (processing fee will apply on all credit card payments).  Verification of funds from bank required on all checks > $5000.00.
  • Health Certificate and Brand Inspection fees may be added to purchase price of each horse.
  • For Online Only Sales, SMB will require consignors to provide a "General" Pre-Purchase Report prior to sale day on all horses (this report will be posted online prior to sale day).  Additionally, For ALL SALES Consignors are required to include information on any soundness issues when submitting a horse for consideration in any sale.  Horses with significant "soundness" issues will not be accepted in SMB sales.  Horses requiring maintenance that are accepted in a sale, must included details around the maintenance history and requirements in the catalog write up.  
  • General Pre-Purchase requirements include 1 - Basic Health Evaluation, including known health history, temperature, pulse, respiration, general condition evaluation, and notes on conformation.  2 - Lameness assessment, including flexion tests, soft tissue palpation, and movement evaluation 3 - Written Age Verification for any "Grade" Horse 4 - Negative Coggins Results 5 - Health Certificate
  • As Definition of "Soundness" varies even between Veterinarians, SMB does not attempt to define "soundness" - instead SMB provides buyers the opportunity to review General Pre-Purchase reports on horses prior to the sale.  SMB encourages buyers to take advantage of opportunity to have their own vet review the pre-purchase report prior to sale day and advise if further examination might be warranted (post sale examinations will not be considered by SMB as reason to return a horse).  Horses sell "as is" and Pre-Purchase Reports are offered as a courtesy to the buyer only - buyers are responsible to verify the findings of the vet issuing the pre-purchase report prior to bidding.
  • Consignors are solely responsible for any misrepresentation of a horse or discrepancies on pre-purchase reports.  While SMB may at times mediate issues between buyers and the  consignor, SMB will not assist in mediating any disagreements more than 7 days after the sale.  All guarantees are strictly between the buyer and sellers - SMB acts as an agent only.
  • SMB hires a veterinarian to do a general inspection on all horses at check in of  "live" sales, in addition to the pre-purchase report.  All findings of the on-site vet will be announced when the horse entering the sale ring. Bids entered via "online" bidding prior to vet notes being announced will remain valid.  Buyers can arrange for the onsite vet to perform a more detailed pre-purchase exam (at buyers expense) the day of the sale or arrange exams prior to the sale by contacting SMB.
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